Introduction to the band

We are Ferium, a 5 piece Metal band from Israel, we have had the dream to be touring musicians ever since we were teenagers growing up watching the biggest bands on earth go around the world, without you, our Fans, none of what we did until now would happen.

We come from a very desolate place when it comes to being a Metal band, although the scene here has it's amazing sides of community and brotherhood and a faithful following, living in Israel which is a political & financial cesspool, distracts the people from the art that this place produces, we all have our dayjobs to pay for getting out on at least 2 tours a year, our own recording studio & rehearsal room, to put it in a definition, we are an Independent band.

We write the music we write from the bottom of our souls, the creative minds behind Ferium have experienced deceit, unfaithfulness, heartbreak, betrayal, pain and loss, all of these things create a sonic portrayal of aggressiveness & frustration in an effort to solve all of life's struggles, and to turn them into positive and empowering experiences.

These days we are working towards our Sophomore Album titled
 "Behind The Black Eyes",
Which in concept is the sequel to our debut

Check our music out on our official pages, and support us on Bandcamp if you want to hear more from us.

Thank you.